IBX Material

A map showing the unused development rights along the corridor. This is based on MapPluto data. The way the unused FAR is calculated here is by subtracting the “BuiltFAR” value from the greatest value out of the three maximum allowable FAR values of “Residential FAR”, “Commercial FAR” and “Facilities FAR”. The negative values indicate overbuilt lots, and are shown in white in the map.

Section Drawings

A Section based on NYC’s building elevation data and other measurements taken from Google Earth:

The Right of Way

The right of way together with the sections we are interested in potentially exploring.

Please zoom in, to properly view the ROW, and use the measuring tool by clicking on the ruler icon on the upper left corner.

From the RPA Study by

One Architects and Only If

If we ignore the bike superhighway proposal, these sections provide some idea of the existing conditions along the corridor. (Calamus Avenue QN, Pitkin Ave, E 91st Street and 59th Street BK)

The study includes a proposal for Queens Boulevard.

.. and some “catalysts” that can guide us in selecting critical or typical section locations:

DEM + LIDAR + Building Footprint Sections Along the Pilot, Broadyway Junction Corridor

Household Income and Social Vulnerability Maps

Maps of income, population density and social vulnerability scores along the corridor in the region.
Please uncheck layers on the right hand side legend to visualize different data and hover over census tracts or block groups to see the values.

Social vulnerability data is from https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/placeandhealth/svi/index.html. The two scores visualized here are Socioeconomic (RPL_THEME1) and housing-transportation vulnerability (RPL_THEME4).  See https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/placeandhealth/svi/map/data/docs/SVI2020Documentation_08.05.22.pdf#page=7 for more info.

MTA Household Travel Survey Data Map (March-June 2018)

MTA survey data from: https://new.mta.info/document/28971

The numbers were obtained by multiplying by weights and aggregating originating and ending trips per block group.