LINE Name Country City Regional Rail
Green Line Extension US Boston No*
CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Start year End year Length (in km) Tunnel (in km) Tunnel Stations Source
2013 2021 7.6 0.0 0% 7** Plan
COST INFORMATION Cost (in M) Currency PPP rate Year PPP Real cost (in M$) Cost/km (in M$) Source
2289.0*** USD 1.0 2020 2289.0 301.2 Plan
NOTES Sections of the line constructed in trench are represented with the same line style as the at-grade sections.
The project maps are based on information retrieved from OpenStreetMap and our research. Please contact us if you have more accurate information regarding this project.
* It’s in the same right-of-way as a commuter line so it can plausibly be 1 and not 0.
** Only 6 new stops, but Lechmere is rebuilt, so 7.
*** Including rolling stock, which is $118 million per, for a total balance of 2,182.