LINE Name Country City Regional Rail
Green Line Extension US Boston No
CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Start year End year Length (in km) Tunnel (in km) Tunnel Stations Source
2013 2022 7.6 0.0 0% 7** Plan
COST INFORMATION Cost (in M) Currency PPP rate Year PPP Real cost (in M$) Cost/km (in M$) Source
2,289.0*** USD 1.0 2020 2,396.5 315.3 Plan
NOTES The ‘Real cost’ values have been adjusted for inflation and PPP.
Sections of the line constructed in trench are represented with the same line style as the at-grade sections.
The project maps are based on information retrieved from OpenStreetMap and our research. Please contact us if you have more accurate information regarding this project.
* It’s in the same right-of-way as a commuter line so it can plausibly be 1 and not 0.
** Only 6 new stops, but Lechmere is rebuilt, so 7.
*** Including rolling stock, which is $118 million per, for a total balance of 2,182.
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