While our database enumerates the differences in transit-infrastructure costs globally, these case studies help us understand why costs vary from one city to the next and what best practices might look like for urban rail projects. Each case builds on the data in our database but seeks additional explanatory power through a deeper investigation of project plans, media reports, and interviews with consultants, elected officials, planners, and advocates. For the time being, we are exploring cases that are either extremely expensive or extremely cheap relative to the global norms established in our database. We believe that by studying these cases, we can identify where projects succeed, where they fail, and how we can do better.

We will update this page as we complete each case. If you have any insight into these transit projects or others that you think are illustrative of good/bad/typical characteristics, please get in touch via info@transitcosts.com. We are always looking for bid documents, cost estimates, and explanations of why decisions were made.

Italy image is by Marco Chitti, New York image belongs to MTA, Sweden image is from a Trafikförvaltningen presentation, all other images were created by the Transit Costs Project.