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Line 1 Northern ExtensionCNNanjing7.2213.10
Line 1 Phase 1CNNanjing21.72143.90
Line 10 Phase 2CNNanjing12.1207.50
Line 11 Phase 1CNNanjing27.0168.70
Line 2 Western ExtensionCNNanjing5.6197.40
Line 3 Phase 3CNNanjing6.6131.90
Line 4 Phase 2CNNanjing9.7204.00
Line 5CNNanjing37.2220.00
Line 6CNNanjing34.8177.40
Line 7CNNanjing35.7197.00
Line 9 Phase 1CNNanjing18.0202.50
Line S8 Southern ExtensionCNNanjing2.5171.60


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