LINE Name Country City Regional Rail
Line 2 PE Lima No
CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Start year End year Length (in km) Tunnel (in km) Tunnel Stations Source
2014 2025 35.0* 35.0 100% 35 Trade
COST INFORMATION Cost (in M) Currency PPP rate Year PPP Real cost (in M$) Cost/km (in M$) Source
5836.0** USD 1.9 2019 11088.4 316.8 Plan
NOTES Sections of the line constructed in trench are represented with the same line style as the at-grade sections.
The project maps are based on information retrieved from OpenStreetMap and our research. Please contact us if you have more accurate information regarding this project.
* The line is to be 27 km but the construction project is 35 km including a segment to be turned over to Line 4 in the future:
** Including rolling stock, consisting of 42 120 meter long vehicles, which typically cost around $500 million.
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