LINE Name Country City Regional Rail
System to 2012, ex-Neihu TW Taipei No
CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Start year End year Length (in km) Tunnel (in km) Tunnel Stations Source
1988 2012 93.9* 60.9 65% 92 Measured
COST INFORMATION Cost (in M) Currency PPP rate Year PPP Real cost (in M$) Cost/km (in M$) Source
557286.0 TWD 0.07 2000 37003.8 394.1 Trade
NOTES Sections of the line constructed in trench are represented with the same line style as the at-grade sections.
The project maps are based on information retrieved from OpenStreetMap and our research. Please contact us if you have more accurate information regarding this project.
* The cost source says 114.2 km, but at the time it was written the system only had 108.7 km; we believe the discrepancy is due to yard track.
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