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Line 10CNChongqing44.09167.80
Line 4 Phase 1CNChongqing15.77152.40
Line 4 Phase 2CNChongqing32.6131.80
Line 5 Northern ExtensionCNChongqing8.95190.50
Line 5 Phase 1CNChongqing40.0136.80
Line 5ACNChongqing28.96167.00
Line 6 Branch (EXPO) Phase 1CNChongqing12.2118.40
Line 6 Branch (EXPO) Phase 2CNChongqing13.99127.10
Line 9 Phase 1CNChongqing28.23142.20
Line 9 Phase 2CNChongqing10.77142.20
Ring LineCNChongqing50.47147.80


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