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Airport Contact LineCNShanghai68.6166.60
Line 1 (Shanghai Railway Station to Jinjiang Park)CNShanghai38.18
Line 1 Western ExtensionCNShanghai1.2708.70
Line 10 Phase 1CNShanghai36.22
Line 10 Phase 2CNShanghai10.09
Line 11 (to Disney)CNShanghai9.15134.10
Line 11 HuaqiaoCNShanghai6.0
Line 11 Phase 1CNShanghai46.01
Line 11 Phase 2CNShanghai22.89
Line 13 Western ExtensionCNShanghai9.8306.50
Line 19CNShanghai44.5323.50
Line 2 Eastern Extension 1CNShanghai2.72
Line 2 Eastern Extension 2CNShanghai30.8
Line 2 Phase 1CNShanghai16.3
Line 2 Western Extension 1CNShanghai6.16
Line 2 Western Extension 2CNShanghai8.53
Line 20 Phase 1CNShanghai19.8472.80
Line 21 Phase 1CNShanghai28.0314.00
Line 23 Phase 1CNShanghai28.0286.50
Line 3CNShanghai24.98
Line 3 Northern ExtensionCNShanghai15.37
Line 4 Phase 1CNShanghai22.03
Line 5 Phase 1CNShanghai17.21
Line 5 Southern ExtensionCNShanghai19.63
Line 6CNShanghai33.09134.90
Line 7 Northern ExtensionCNShanghai9.98
Line 7 Phase 1CNShanghai34.39
Line 8 Phase 1CNShanghai23.22229.90
Line 8 Phase 2CNShanghai14.44
Line 8 Phase 3 (Pujiang Line)CNShanghai6.69122.70
Line 9 Phase 1CNShanghai30.69
Line 9 Phase 2CNShanghai14.5
Line 9 Phase 3CNShanghai5.37
Line 9 Phase 3 Eastern ExtensionCNShanghai13.83


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